Daily Lunch Specials

Monday- Friday 


All plates come with Rice, beans, and pico

Monday     Chicken Fajita          $6.95 

          (2) Crispy Tacos            $6.95

Tuesday    Steak Ranchero (Spicy) $8.50

              (2) Enchilada Plate     $6.95

                (Beef, Chicken, or Cheese)

Wednesday  Beef Fajita Ranchera  $8.50 

           Chicken Fajita Ranchera  $8.50    

                      (Very Spicy)

Thursday    Chuletas Rancheras    $8.50


               Carne Guisada          $8.50

Friday        Chicken Mole           $6.95

                Picadillo Plate         $6.95



Mexican Cafe

Call Us: 512.416.0443

501 W Oltorf st. Austin TX 78704 


Habanero Mexican Cafe has been in Austin for over 18 years! Arturo Ibarra the owner, started out with "Dos Hermanos"which was his Father and Uncle's restaurant. They were extremely popular in Austin. After decades of working in the business, they decided to retire, selling the other three restaurants with the exception of this one. Arturo decided to buy it, rename it , and the rest is history. 

We Pride ourselves in the food we put out and the friendly service our girls provide. We hope we'll keep you coming back! Thank you and Enjoy!

Cash Only!